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WARNING: Not all public domain content is in this category, although it probably should be. See sub-categories for more, such as category:Public Domain PDF Sheet Music and category:Public Domain Lyrics. Also, know that just because an article contains public domain content, that does NOT mean everything mentioned in the article is public domain. It's best to check the article for copyright warnings, and if it doesn't explicitly say something is public domain it might not be (such as any lyrics, sheet music, or tunes mentioned). Sub-categories of this one are generally more reliable (such as the two examples mentioned above)—however, please note that an article may include both copyrighted lyrics and public domain lyrics at the same time (so read the article before assuming anything). HymnWiki does not claim responsibility for the accuracy of articles, although attempts are made to provide sources in a manner so that you may verify the accuracy yourself.

See Public Domain. This category is for hymns and such that have public domain lyrics, music, or both. It is also for public domain tunes, poetry and such. Only put items here that are public domain in the United States; put them under another category (i.e. make your own if it doesn't exist) to note that it is public domain in another country. You may put the country categories here, however (i.e. Public Domain:Russia). Click next 200 to see the sub-categories.

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