Come, Lord, from above, the Mountains Remove

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Europe, 1840

Hymn 20
10 11 10 11
1. Come, Lord, from above, The mountains remove,
O'erturn all that hinders the course of thy love.
My bosom inspire, inkindle the fire,
And wrap my whole soul in the flames of desire.

2. I languish and pine For the comfort divine;
O when shall I say, my Beloved is mine!
I have chos'n the good part; My portion thou art.
O Love; let me find thee, O God in my heart!

3. For this my heart sighs; Nothing else can suffice;
How, Lord, can I purchase the pearl of great price,
It cannot be bought, and thou knows I have nought,
Not an action, a word, or a truly good thought.

4. But I hear a voice say, "Without money ye may
Receive it, whoever have nothing to pay:
Who on Jesus relies, Without money or price,
The pearl of forgiveness and holiness buys?

5. The blessing is free:" So Lord let it be;
I yield that thy love should be given to me.
I freely receive, What thou freely dost give,
And consent in thy love, in thy Eden, to live.

6. The gift I embrace; The giver I praise;
And ascribe my salvation to Jesus's grace:
It comes from above; the foretaste I prove;
And I soon shall receive all the fullness of love.