Adieu My Dear Brethren Adieu

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Europe, 1840

Hymn 210
1. Adieu my dear brethren adieu,
Reluctant we give you the hand,
No more to assemble with you,
Till we on mount Zion shall stand.

2. Your acts of benevolence past,
Your gentle compassionate love,
Henceforth in our mem'ry shall last,
Though far from your sight we remove.

3. Our hearts swell with tender regret,
And sigh at each parting embrace,
While heaven our course must direct,
And others succeed in our place.

4. When journeying the gospel to preach,
Our course among strangers we steer,
Repentance and faith we will teach,
To all that are willing to hear.

5. O shepherd of Israel draw near,
Thy glorious presence display,
Our parting reflections to cheer,
And help us thy voice to obey.

6. Help us to refrain from each ill,
Press forward for glory and peace,
Our sacred engagements fulfil,
Till thou shalt command our release.

7. Then may we to Zion repair,
And wait our blest Master to see,
To spend the Millennium there,
From sin and from sorrow set free.

8. How cheerful the thoughts of that rest,
With Jesus our Saviour to reign,
Till we shall be changed with the blest,
And glory celestial obtain.