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  • HymnWiki is not responsible for the content of this site, nor the conduct of its users—it is a wiki. Users of the site are responsible themselves for what they post. Users are instructed in the proper use of this site, but HymnWiki itself is not responsible for what they do. Users who violate the terms of this site risk being blocked (and likely more, if legal/civil authorities require).
    • It should be noted that new users that can edit must be approved, currently, due to spammers. The stuff on the site should be entirely safe, copyright-wise. However, if you see something we disputable, please let us know. Thanks! Veramet 18:31, 1 February 2012 (MST)

Copyrights and Licenses


Personal Works

  • See the personal works page.
  • If you are not a HymnWiki editor, but would still like your own works listed or hosted on HymnWiki, please make your request on the forum. We would probably be glad to do it for you.


  • Understand that this is a wiki and people may change things (try not to fight). However, new users must be approved, currently. Please post on the forum for consideration.


  • Users must refrain from foul language on the wiki (and its forums).
  • Users must refrain from the posting of adult, or obscene, material.
  • Users should be civil.
  • Violation of the above may result in your account and/or IP address being blocked.
  • See Appropriate content.
  • Users must use HymnWiki as intended (i.e. no advertising in the talk pages, etc.)


  • If posted content is deemed inappropriate by administrators, it may be removed, at any time, at their sole discretion - without argument. Of course, anyone may try to remove content, since it is a wiki, but if an administrator removes some content and gives warning, then you are not to repost it.

HymnWiki Nabble forums

  • HymnWiki is not affiliated with Nabble—please see their privacy policies, disclaimers, and such. HymnWiki is not responsible for those sites, nor for anything relating to those sites (nor for anything others do on those sites). This section is in regards to the forums and blog for this site.

Reserved Rights

  • HymnWiki reserves the right to edit, delete, refuse, or make read only any content at any time (deletion is especially applicable if the content is derogatory toward a religion; though if it is part of a compilation of particular value, somehow, perhaps it will be spared, though marked as what it is, for historical purposes or such).

Public Domain

  • Items listed as public domain are only thought to be public domain in the United States—unless otherwise stated.
  • HymnWiki is not responsible for copyright infringements of its users, though it will take action to remove illegally posted content.


Differences from Wikipedia and other Such