Adieu to Honor, Wealth and Fame

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1845

Hymn 105
8 7 8 7
1. Adieu to honor, wealth and fame,
And every worldly pleasure;
I bid farewell to my good name,
For to obey my Savior.

2. I covet not that high esteem
To which I did aspire;
My Savior's love shall be my theme;
I care for nothing higher.

3. Yes, if I could advance his praise,
By works of my performing,
Among the Saints of latter days;
I would be called a "Mormon."

4. Although they commonly are called
A poor deluded people:
Their prophets, priests, and teachers, all
Offscourings of the rabble.

5. And were not all the saints of old
Derided, by opposers
Of light and truth, which did unfold,
From Adam, down to Moses?

6. Yes, all the holy prophets were
With Christ, and his Apostles;
Accounted as these "Mormons" are,
False prophets and impostors.

7. But truth is strong, and will prevail;
For it proceeds from heaven:
It always did, and ever shall:
By inspiration given.

8. And when it doth their systems rub,
Proud men become uneasy;
And call the Master, Beelzebub,
And all his servants crazy.

9. Thus all, in every age, who live
Godly, in Christ the Savior;
Such base calumny shall receive,
From those they cannot favor.

10. Nor think, as they would have them think;
Nor do as they are doing;
And blunder with them on the brink
Of everlasting ruin.

11. Men still love darkness more than light,
Because their deeds are evil;
And will declare that wrong is right,
Though it were from the devil.

12. That midnight, the old carnal mind;
Remains as dark as ever;
And all the blind that lead the blind,
Fall in the ditch together.

13. Oh! how they earnestly contend;
And still sink in the mire!
Their broken systems cannot mend
Till purified by fire.