Behold the Man, Whose Tender Heart

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1845

Hymn 89
1. Behold the man, whose tender heart
Expanded with a Savior's love;
Wide as his means does he impart -
His bowels with compassion move.

2. He looks on Zion from afar,
He hears her captive exiles groan,
Then leaves his wife and children dear,
His brethren and his peaceful home,

3. And hastens at his Lord's command,
To call his brethren from afar,
As volunteers for Zion's land,
That in her blessings they may share.

4. He dares assert her injured cause,
And sound the trump of freedom, when
They trample on his country's laws,
And disregard both God and man.

5. His distant brethren hear the sound,
And rise to march to Zion's land;
Behold the armies gathering round,
Against the powers of hell to stand.

6. The little stone begins to roll;
It shall prevail and never cease,
But fill the earth from pole to pole,
With freedom, union, love and peace.