Behold the Day Appear!

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1841

Hymn 146
1. Behold the day appear!
We see its dawning light,
The King of saints comes near,
To claim his sov'reign right.

2. Lo! Satan's empire falls,
The pow'rs of darkness flee,
Christ to his servants calls,
I come to set you free.

3. To bind your foe I come!
That foul malicious fiend,
I come to seal his doom,
His pow'r on earth to end.

4. I come! rejoice and sing
According to my word,
I come to be your King,
Receive your heavenly Lord.

5. Your swords to ploughshares beat,
To pruning hooks each spear,
All discord now forget,
The Prince of Peace is here.

6. Truth shall again on earth,
With love and joy descend;
And man shall find in man,
A brother and a friend.