Farewell, My Kind and Faithful Friend

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Europe, 1840

Hymn 216
1. Farewell, my kind and faithful friend -
The partner of my early youth,
While from my home my steps I bend,
To warn mankind and teach the truth,

2. How oft in silent evening mild,
I to some lonely place retire -
Thy love and kindness call to mind,
Then lift a voice in humble prayer.

3. O Lord, extend thine arms of love,
Around the partner of my heart,
For thou hast spoken from above,
And called me with my all to part.

4. Preserve her soul in perfect peace,
From sickness, sorrow and distress,
Until our pilgrimage shall cease,
And we on Zion's hill shall rest.

5. How gladly would my soul retire
With thee, to spend a peaceful life,
In some sequestered humble vale,
Far from the scenes of noise and strife.

6. Where men should grieve our souls no more,
Nor rage of sin disturb our peace;
Our troubles, toils and sufferings o'er,
There lies and persecution cease.


7. But lo! the harvest wide extends -
The fields are white o'er all the plain -
The tares in bundles must be bound,
While we with care secure the grain.

8. Shall we repine when Jesus calls,
Or count the sacrifice too great,
To spend our lives as pilgrims here,
Or loose them for the gospel's sake?

9. When Jesus Christ has done the same,
Without a place to lay his head,
A pilgrim on the earth he came,
Until for us his blood was shed.

10. Shall we behold the nations doomed
To sword and famine, blood and fire,
Yet not the least exertion make,
But from the scene in peace retire?

11. No; while his love for me extends,
The pattern makes my duty plain -
I'll sound to earth's remotest ends,
His gospel to the sons of men!

12. Farewell, my kind and faithful friend,
Until we meet on earth again -
For soon our pilgrimage shall end,
And the Messiah come to reign.