Behold a Wonder in the West!

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Use of the Latter Day Saints, 1844

1. Behold a wonder in the west!
The church of Christ and yet oppressed;
Though first, in size, appears but small,
It soon will fill our earthly ball.

2. By worldly wisdom 'tis condemned,
And by the aliens much contemned,
But quick out-vies the mutt'ring crowd,
And brings to silence all the proud.

3. Though first, like David's feeble band,
So much despised throughout the land,
It rises with increasing strength,
And subjugates the world at length.

4. A rising kingdom here we see,
Though first a small fraternity;
Now spreading forth her pow'r abroad,
Triumphing in the strength of God.

5. This is the wonder in the west!
Commencing small, by foes oppressed;
A pebble in the world's account,
But quick becomes a glorious mount.