Farewell, Dearest Friends, from You I Must Go

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1845

Hymn 58
10 & 11s.
1. Farewell, dearest friends, from you I must go,
To preach the true gospel, far away I must rove;
I fear not the world, whate'er me betide,
My God and my Savior will for me provide.

2. Altho' I confess that I am but a youth,
That ne'er shall deter me from preaching the truth;
My heart says I'm right - I'm a Latter-Day Saint, -
My God and my Savior will ne'er let me faint.

3. He beckons! I start; to the East I will move,
By a Savior conducted through heavenly love;
What ills can befall me whilst I've such a guide, -
A Savior and Sovereign for me crucified.

4. Your pray'rs, my dear friends, I expect whilst away -
They'll help to support me by night and by day;
So let not my absence cause any to mourn,
My God will be with me - I'll safely return.

5. So fear not for me - I will preach to the world,
Though I from the pulpit should oft times be hurled;
Though devils incarnate against me combine,
Yet still I'll be faithful - the promise is mine.