Great God, Indulge My Humble Claim

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1841

Hymn 107
1. Great God, indulge my humble claim,
Thou art my hope—my joy—my rest;
The glories that compose thy name
Stand all engaged to make me blest.

2. Thou great and good—thou just and wise,
Thou art my father, and my God;
And I am thine, by sacred ties,
Thy son—thy servant, bought with blood.

3. With early feet I love t' appear
Among thy saints, and seek thy face;
Oft have I seen thy glory there,
And felt the power of sovereign grace.

4. I'll lift my hands—I'll raise my voice,
While I have breath to pray or praise;
This work shall make my heart rejoice,
And bless the remnant of my days.