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Hymn-related Links

Sheet Music

Online Depositories of Sheet Music

Latter-day Saint Sheet Music

Hymn-related History Sites Pertaining to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Hymn-related Software

Sheet Music Notation Software


  • GNU LilyPond (see the LilyPond source files for much of the sheet music on HymnWiki for examples of how to do hymns in LilyPond if you're having trouble—or ask for help on the forums)
    • SciTE (a great text editor, for LilyPond, programming and such; it handles UTF-8 encoding quite well, and it is nice for foreign hymns; it can be configured to work more with LilyPond than with how the defaults are set; ask on the forums if you want help doing this)
  • ABCedit (great for melodies and lead sheets; I might recommend LilyPond for anything more complex)
  • ABC Plus project
  • MuseScore

Not Free

Audio Software

  • vanBasco's Karaoke Player (one of the best free midi/karaoke players available for Windows; you can transpose as it plays, change the tempo, see the lyrics, see the keys pressed, disable certain midi channels, etc.; it's a fast program, too)
  • Anvil Studio (Midi editing software)
  • Noteworthy Player (for playing NWC files and midis—you can see the midi sheet music as it plays)
  • Noteworthy Composer Browser Plug-in (for NWC files; this also shows the sheet music, and you can even print it; doesn't work with midis)
  • SynthFont (software for using SoundFonts with midis and converting them to MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, and such)
  • Audacity (sound editing software; for editing compressed audio, WAVs and such)


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