Behold! the Earth Doth Mourn

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1841

Hymn 293
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1. Behold! the earth doth mourn,
For sin infests her plains;
Beneath her load she groans;
How long will sinners reign?
Come, O the Eternal Father's Son
Come claim the kingdom for thine own.

2. Confusion o'er the face
Of all the land is spread;
By God's redeeming grace,
From sin it shall be freed;
Then shall his glorious gospel shine
Through every land and ev'ry clime.

3. See Israel far form home,
Behold them weep and mourn;
In foreign lands they roam,
O when shall they return?
Hasten the time, when they, O Lord
To their own lands shall be restored.

4. The Lord will bring them home,
Rejoicing in his love;
For Israel shall return,
No more from God to rove,
For they shall know his holy word
And view the glory of their Lord.

5. The kingdom is the Lord's,
He's Governor on earth;
We will obey his word
Rejoicing in the truth:
For Christ will come as saith the word,
And make us Kings and Priests to God.