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General Information

  • Users of this website may not upload copyrighted works without proper consent from the copyright owner.
  • Users may not plagiarize copyrighted works. Even if the works are public domain, citing sources is a must. Do not assume anything is in the public domain. If you make a mistake, fix it! If you see a mistake, fix it! Cite sources for everything. If there are no sources, either find a source and add it, or erase the material. Tell how you came to have permission to post the content. Stating the date of publication is helpful in determining whether it is public domain—for instance, if a hymn was published before 1923, it is public domain (the same is not necessarily true for a compilation).
  • Users must cite copyrighted works (they should cite all works—but users must cite copyrighted works)
  • Users must state the copyright of all hymns, songs, and poetry they put on HymnWiki. If you don't know it, you should not post it (though you may post information about it in its article).
  • Make every attempt possible to verify the copyright information before posting. Make sure to list the copyright of anything you submit, and never submit anything you do not have the rights to submit. Generally speaking, a work is in the public domain if it was published in or before the year 1923.
  • If hymn content has been posted without a copyright notice
    • Do not assume you are allowed any rights to it.
    • Talk to the contributor (you can look in the article history to find out if it wasn't posted on the article itself).
      • If the contributor was not logged in, and there is no way to find out, just delete the unlabeled content (i.e. the file, or the article if it has such unlabeled lyrics), if you can. If you cannot delete it, or do not know how, tell an administrator (see Contact HymnWiki).
  • If you have submitted content without a copyright notice and contributor information expect that it might get deleted (also expect that it might not—due to oversight). Also, expect people to view it, regardless of what it says above (just because this site says they shouldn't expect to own any rights to it that doesn't mean HymnWiki can enforce that; plus, many casual users will never read this page; people viewing such content—if you own the content and have submitted yourself—would probably go under 'fair use', anyway; if you have not provided copyright/license and contributor information, you have violated the terms of this website and should expect that anyone might view and/or download your content; HymnWiki is not responsible for what they do with it, but you are responsible to tell them what they are, and are not, permitted to do with it).

Posted and Uploaded Content

  • Posting content on HymnWiki gives the public the right to post that content elsewhere on HymnWiki unless this is specifically restricted in the original posting. The same applies to uploading content.
  • You do, by uploading or posting content, grant HymnWiki and its users the non-exclusive right to display that content on this site as they will as long as it is on the server.
  • Other than the above items, HymnWiki claims no rights to content posted or uploaded herein.
    • If you wish (off-site) to use anything a user has posted or uploaded (including articles they write) that is not public domain or otherwise legal to use without permission, please obtain their permission first. You do not need their permission to re-use what they provide on HymnWiki itself, as by posting the information, they agree to let you do that much.
  • Content uploaded and posted to HymnWiki retains its original copyright. HymnWiki is a non-profit website—not a company seeking to market the works of others.
  • See also the file uploads page. There are things pertaining to licensing of files included there, too.

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