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General Information

  • You may upload personal works, provided you give HymnWiki and its users the right to display them on this website as they will (although they do not get the right to crack password-protected files and use the discovered content on HymnWiki).
  • You should password protect your files if you don't want just anyone to be able to use them (though this is discouraged in most cases, as HymnWiki is a non-profit website, dedicated to the free exchange of hymn-lore and sheet music for hymns).
  • State the copyright and license of all works you upload, as well as the rights granted to the public; do not upload anything otherwise, unless you have permission from an administrator. The license should be stated on all articles where the file may be downloaded.
  • Allowing the public to use your works as if they are public domain is strongly encouraged - but not required.
  • Do not upload works if you lack the right to do so (even if you made it).
  • If you upload your own stuff, say so (i.e. on the article with the sheet music, say it's your work), unless you wish it to be anonymous and public domain (in which case you should say so).