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HymnWiki reserves the right to prohibit any content deemed unfit for this website.

Prohibited Content

No content posted on HymnWiki should have any of the following content, unless approved by an administrator (note: pornographic material will not be approved):

  • foul language and swear words (note that words like 'hell' are not considered swear words when used in the proper context)
  • words that mimic swear words
  • pornographic material
  • advertising (especially blatant advertising)
    • If you wish to advertise something hymn-related, do it on the forums—not on HymnWiki.
  • defamatory content; if it happens to be in an old published hymn, it might still be acceptable for historical purposes (maybe not)—ask to be sure, if there is any doubt; personal works on this website should not contain any such
    • People should not use HymnWiki to bash any religion.
      • HymnWiki is hosted by the More Good Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting positive LDS content on the Internet, and thus anti-Mormon content is prohibited (at least in normal circumstances, as some things may be important for certain purposes and histories; ask before ever attempting any such, but know that if it is not important to a hymn or religious song it likely will not pass).
    • negative moral speculation about hymnists and other people, and religions
      • speculation in general is discouraged unless it may lead to further evidence of necessary details about hymns and such (dates, names, copyrights, who wrote the songs, etc.)

By submitting prohibited content, you risk your account and IP address(es) being blocked.

Songs and Poetry

All song/poetry submissions must fit at least one of the following criteria:
Acceptable Songs

  • Hymns
  • Primary songs
  • Some compilations for youth groups contain folk tunes; these are generally acceptable here, so long as the information on the religious compilation is included. These, however, should not go under the hymns category; they should go under the folk tunes category. Similarly, primary songs should go under the category called Children's Songs; some of these may be considered hymns, as well, and go under that category, too - though the poet/composer should still go under the hymnists category.
  • Songs with the same purpose as hymns (edification), even if they don't sound like typical church hymns (according to the definition of hymns, these would also be hymns)
  • Anthems
  • Songs that teach gospel principles, self-improvement, and such - like Let Us oft Speak Kind Words, and Have I Done Any Good (for our purposes, if these are included in a hymnal, file them as hymns)
  • Songs included in hymnals

Acceptable Poetry:

  • Poetry with the same purpose as a hymn. (It need not follow a typical poetic meter for hymns.)
  • Poetry that is actually a hymn text.
  • File writers of non-hymn poetry under Poets, and file writers of hymn-lyrics (or other church music lyrics) under both Poets and Hymnists.