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Differences Between HymnWiki and Wikipedia

Aside from HymnWiki being for hymns and Wikipedia being for everything, there are a number of significant differences between HymnWiki and Wikipedia:

  • Articles at HymnWiki do not have to be particularly scholarly, nor do they have to be noteworthy. The information should, however, be accurate, and not made up.
  • Anyone can edit your stuff any time, unless an administrator has something to say about it (this may change as the site grows larger). You are free to revert it back; if there's an argument, post about it in the forums.
  • You can promote your own content, so long as it is valuable to the website (if it's a hymn, it's valuable, regardless of who wrote it, when, and when it was published).
  • Articles should not be intentionally biased, but since HymnWiki is not centered on pop culture and what the world and/or statistics have accepted, but rather hymns, the bias of the article is normally an insignificant matter (the most they can normally do is say a hymn is really good or something). If you think it's biased, however—even a little—feel free to edit it and change it, but please be kind to the other authors.
  • HymnWiki is here to document factual details about hymns, composers, and such more than it is to document the effect of the hymns on society at large (although you're free to go into that if you like, but don't be biased—you'll want to treat it more like a Wikipedia article if you do that). The primary details needed are those that pertain to lyrics, tunes, sheet music, any dates involved, composers, lyricists/poets, copyrights/licenses, poetic meters and so forth (not so much how significant it or they are).
  • HymnWiki has a larger focus on sheet music than Wikipedia. One of the main purposes of HymnWiki is to provide sheet music for the songs in the articles.
  • HymnWiki prohibits negative moral speculation—even if it was published somewhere.

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Differences Between HymnWiki and CPDL/ChoralWiki

  • HymnWiki is for hymns and other such songs (not for all choral music, and not just for choral music—prelude music is also appropriate here, as well as hymn tunes by themselves and lyrics by themselves).
  • HymnWiki does not put a license on any sheet music, or files, you upload (but you must state that license yourself). If you see any uploaded files without a copyright/license, please add it (if you know what it is), or please label it as not having one with the following template: {{needs license}}

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Differences Between HymnWiki and IMSLP.org

  • HymnWiki allows midis and other such (pretty much any file type, at that)

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