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Q. Is everything on HymnWiki public domain?

A. No. Look for copyright and licensing information for everything. If it's not listed on HymnWiki, don't make any assumptions.

Q. If an article is in the 'public domain' category, does that mean the song is public domain?

A. Not necessarily. That means something in the article is public domain. It could contain things that are not, too. All content should have its own copyright notice. Don't make assumptions if this is missing.

Q. If an article is in the 'public domain sheet music' category, does that mean all the sheet music in the article is public domain?

A. Not necessarily. It does, however, mean that there should be public domain sheet music included in the article. That doesn't mean every piece of sheet music is public domain. Look at the copyright information in the sheet music section (that is much more reliable than the category).

Q. How do I create a new page?

A. see How To.

Q. Can I post my own works on HymnWiki?

A. Yes - as long as they conform to the content allowed on this site; see Appropriate Content for HymnWiki.

Q. Does HymnWiki tag a license onto works I own if I upload them?

A. No. See Personal Works.

Q. How do I make lyrics so they're not all on one line per verse?

A. See How To (under the lyrics heading).

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