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Creating an Article

To create an article that doesn't exist, you can either search for it and click on the link that says You can create this page, or edit an existing article, make a reference to it, and click on the reference to it (then edit it and save).

Creating Sheet Music

see sheet music


You may be wondering how to add lyrics to an article and having it actually look good. If you just type them in, you'll notice they appear on less lines than you would like. However, you can fix this. There are several known ways:

  • You can use a colon (:) at the beginning of each line (this is for quotations, and is perhaps the proper way, but the other ways work, too)
  • You can add <pre></pre> tags around your lyrics (this may be the easiest option, but any wiki syntax you use within the pre tags will not work: e.g. links, references and such)
  • You can add line breaks after each line: <br>

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