We Read That Faith the Assurance Is

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Use of the Latter Day Saints, 1844

1. We read that faith the assurance is
Of things the Lord is pleased to give,
If saints will ask in Jesus' name,
The blessings asked they may obtain.

2. By faith Jehovah framed the world,
And many wonders yet untold,
In ancient days, by faith were wrought,
By men who sought the law of God.

3. By faith an Enoch sought the Lord;
By faith obtained a just reward;
By faith beheld his maker's face,
And triumphed o'er the powers of death.

4. By faith Elijah raised the dead:
And for three years the prophet said,
It should not rain in all the land;
'Twas done by Jesus' great command.

5. By faith a Joshua could say,
Stand still thou glorious king of day,
Thou splendid orb of night be still,
Till I Jehovah's word fulfil.

6. By faith the walls of Jericho
Met with a dreadful overthrow;
For Israel trusted in the Lord,
Believed he would fulfil his word.

7. But time would fail, the scripture saith,
To mention all who lived by faith:
Some quenched the violence of fire,
And others waxed strong in war.

8. While some were mocked, and sourged, and stoned,
Some for the gospel lost their homes;
Others were in the prison shut;
They kept the faith, denied it not.

9. And many wandered to and fro
As pilgrims on the earth below,
Knowing that they their Lord would see
On Zion's mount from bondage free.