Wake, O Wake the World from Sleeping

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Use of the Latter Day Saints, 1844

1. Wake, O wake the world from sleeping;
Watchman, watchman, what's the hour?
Hark ye, only hear him saying,
'Tis the last - eleventh hour!

2. Lo! the Lion's left his thicket,
Up yet watchmen, be in haste,
The destroyer of the Gentiles
Goes to lay their cities waste.

3. Bring the remnants from their exile,
For the promise is to them;
Japhet's ruled the world his time out,
He must leave the tents of Shem.

4. Comfort ye the house of Israel,
They are pardoned, gather them;
Hear the watchman's proclamation,
Jews rebuild Jerusalem.

5. Soon the Jews will know their error,
How they killed the Holy One,
And they'll mourn and shout hosanna!
This is the beloved Son.

6. Sound the trumpet with the tidings,
Call in all of Abram's seed,
Though the Gentiles may reject it,
Christ will come in very deed.