Relief Society Song Book, 1923

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See also Relief Society Song Book, 1919—it is a previous edition with slight variances.

General Information

  • Copyright: Copyright 1923 By Clarissa S. Williams For General Board Relief Society
  • At least four editions have been released
    • Fourth edition published by the General Board of Relief Society, Salt Lake City, Utah, December, 1930
  • Contains both words and music (some songs at the end only have words)
    • Music arranged and compiled by Brigham Cecil Gates
    • Most songs are arranged with both treble and bass parts, although some under the Special Music heading are specifically arranged with treble singing parts only—most that do have two treble clefs, much as is seen in the 1985 LDS hymnal.

List of Hymns[1]

  • Copyright note: Although this songbook is copyrighted in 1923, there is little variation between the list of hymns in this one and the public domain 1919 version. Therefore, it is the opinion of the poster that the changes are not significant enough to make the list in and of itself copyrightable.

Opening Hymns

Closing Hymns

General Hymns

Patriotic Songs

Special Music

Choruses, Quartets, Trios, Duets, Solos, Etc.

Miscellaneous Songs

"Words without music for social entertainments and community singing."[2]


  1. Relief Society Song Book, 1923, fourth edition, published in December, 1930
  2. See the index for miscellaneous songs, of at least the fourth edition of this compilation