Catch the Sunshine

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Sheet Music

Tune from Relief Society Song Book, 1919, no. 10



  • Poet: Unknown Poet—A.J. Davis's Manual[1]; Home Monthly[2][3] (If Home Monthly is the same as The Household Monthly, volume 1, however, it does not seem to include these lyrics, although it does contain a nice article with the same name.[4])
  • Copyright: Public domain

Lyrics from Relief Society Song Book, 1919, no. 10

1. Catch the sunshine! tho' it flickers
Thro' a dark and dismal cloud,
Tho' it falls so faint and feeble
On a heart with sorrow bowed.
Catch it quickly! it is passing,
Passing rapidly away;
It has only come to tell you
There is yet a brighter day.

2. Catch the sunshine! tho' life's tempest
May unfurl its chilling blast,
Catch the little, hopeful straggler!
Storms will not forever last;
Don't give up and say “forsaken,”
Don't begin to say “I'm sad!”
Look! there comes a gleam of sunshine!
Catch it! oh, it seems so glad.

3. Catch the sunshine! don't be grieving
O'er that darksome billow there!
Life's a sea of stormy billows,
We must meet them ev'rywhere.
Pass right thro' them, do not tarry,
Overcome the heaving tide,
There's a sparkling gleam of sunshine
Waiting on the other side.