Metrical Psalms

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Metrical Psalms, or Psalms in Meter, are versions of psalms (usually from the 150 in the biblical book of Psalms) rewritten to make them readily singable in stanzaic, metrical form. Examples include several famous versions of Psalm 23, such as The Lord's My Shepherd, I'll Not Want from the Scottish Psalter of 1650, My Shepherd Will Supply My Need by Isaac Watts, and The King of Love My Shepherd Is by Henry Williams Baker.

Some churches are more inclined to the use of metrical psalms than others, and this tends to be reflected in the denominational hymnals. An example of a current hymnal with a full metrical psalter is the Psalter Hymnal of the Christian Reformed Church in North America, whose first 150 hymns are complete metrical versions of the 150 biblical psalms.