I Saw a Lamb That Had Been Slain

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Use of the Latter Day Saints, 1844

1. I saw a Lamb that had been slain,
(When mercy's flag was furled)
And yet he lives with seven horns,
The wonder of the world.

2. Our father Adam, as the first,
Possessed the power of lives;
And rose arch-angel Michael, then,
To reign when earth revives.

3. And Noah, as the second, walked
A perfect man, with God;
And, Gabriel-like, prepared an ark,
For living through the flood.

4. And righteous Abra'm rose as third,
Through him the promise run;
And when the sacrifice was asked,
He took his only son.

5. And Moses meekly stood, as fourth,
To show the power of God,
And mighty miracles performed
With the eternal rod.

6. Elijah, fifth, that holy man,
Destroyed the priests of Baal,
And soared to God in flaming flame,
To dwell within the veil.

7. And Peter, sixth, was blest by Christ,
To hold the kingdom's keys,
And bind or loose on earth for heaven,
As did the spirit please.

8. And Joseph, seventh, ministers
(Till all things written come)
To show the world her destined end,
And gather Israel home.

9. Eternal truth, this Lamb was Christ
Who wore the crown of thorns;
In seven dispensations, too,
Those prophets stand as horns.

10. For Joseph's horns, like unicorns,
Must push the eleventh hour;
In Jesus' elders always was
The hiding of his power.