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HymnWiki is just a website. It's not a company. Therefore donations are not tax deductible. If HymnWiki were to receive donations, they would be used for the following:

  • Sponsoring contests to promote content on HymnWiki (i.e. hymn-writing contests, etc.)
  • Hiring people to locate, obtain, and digitize hymnals and hymns
  • Hiring people to post content on HymnWiki
  • Purchasing rights to display certain copyrighted content on HymnWiki (if this may be done)
  • Perhaps something else per user request

It should be noted that users need not donate in order to accomplish the above. They may well use their own funds/resources to accomplish the above themselves (without a mediator). For example, anyone can host a contest and give the winner a prize; it's not that hard. Just about anyone can search for old hymnals on Ebay, buy them, and digitize the content (or hire someone to do it). Anyone can hire someone to post content on HymnWiki (you don't have to be associated with us to do that). Anyone can attempt to purchase rights to display content on HymnWiki (though you should tell us if you do so successfully, if the permission is granted for anyone who uses the site to put it up here).

Nevertheless, some people might think it wise to let someone else do it all. That's fine (although we prefer you do it, so as to avoid the issue of people thinking/suspecting that the funds aren't being used as intended).

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