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General Information

Periodically, users of HymnWiki may wish to host a contest. To do so, go to the HymnWiki forum for contests. Make sure you register with our forum, if you haven't done so. Then, make a post, state your contest name or whatever in your subject, and state the terms of your contest in the body of your post. Contests should be designed to promote hymn writers, poets, HymnWiki's use and content, etc. Make sure that all appropriate submissions have articles posted on HymnWiki when your contest is over, especially contest winners. Note that some hymn-writers don't know how to use wikis, and the contest rules should therefore state that submitting to the contest grants all members of the public the right to display that content on HymnWiki. See appropriate content for HymnWiki. If you can, please mention how long submissions will last, and when the winner will be announced thereafter (or if it's pending information, feel free to mention it).

Examples of Contests (without disclaimers)

  • Hymn-writing contest (words and music: SATB; 1-2 pages; 3 verses); must be about spiritual gifts and must be in the following poetic meter: C.M.; winner gets $20; submissions accepted until 20 June 2007; all submissions will be posted on HymnWiki.org (that's largely the point of the contest)
  • Hymn-translation contest: translate Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing into Spanish; same poetic meter; winner gets a $30 gift certificate to the Whistle Shop.
  • Hymn-translation contest: translate … some five verse Icelandic hymn in C.M. … into a two to five verse English hymn in L.M.; winner gets an iPod.
  • Hymn-writing contest … winner gets the prestige of having won a hymn-writing contest (we'll probably list the winners on HymnWiki and/or Nabble and/or the blog).