Christian Science Hymnal, 1932

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The Christian Science Hymnal published in 1932 (replacing an earlier hymnal dated 1910) served as the main hymn resource of Christian Science, or the Churches of Christ, Scientist, during the remainder of the twentieth century. It contains 400 numbered items, plus a Supplement of 29 more; however, since an unusually large number of hymns are presented set to more than one tune, the number of actual hymns is somewhat smaller. The hymns of the main part are, except for the first item (the Communion Doxology, consisting of the first stanza of Tate and Brady's "Be Thou, O God, exalted high"), arranged in more or less alphabetical order by incipit.

The hymnal is notable for its inclusion of seven hymns by Mary Baker Eddy, the "Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science". Three of these are set to six tunes each, two more to five tunes each, and the remaining pair to three tunes each, thus 34 of the 429 content items are comprised of Mrs. Eddy's seven hymns.