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Here is a list of things HymnWiki could really use:

Requests from HymnWiki

  • Scriptures added to hymns
    • See the 'Scriptures' link on the sidebar. In a hymn article, add a category for the scripture (write out the name of the book: i.e. Psalms 23 instead of Psalm 23, Doctrine and Covenants instead of D&C, etc.) and add the category you made to the Scriptures category (if it isn't already). Feel free to quote the scripture in the category for it.
  • Hymnist articles (composers, poets, translators, arrangers, etc.)
  • Tune articles
    • Updated lists of works, bio info, etc.
  • Topics added to articles.
    • Go to an article (e.g. a hymn article), read the lyrics, figure out what topics it should go under (even if they don't yet exist on HymnWiki), and type [[category:TopicName]] for each topic, where TopicName is replaced by the name of the topic. Then, go to the topic (click on it), and put it in the topics category (if it isn't there already) - i.e. type [[category:Topics]] in the specific topic category page.
  • Terms defined
  • Sources for unsourced material
  • People to visit hymnals at Google Books and put information about them on HymnWiki (compilation articles, song lists for those, lyrics, sheet music, etc.); there are tons of free public domain hymnbooks there.
  • Public domain, or original icon images for media links (PDF, Midi, LilyPond, etc.), templates, and such.
  • Full articles on LDS organizations that sometimes have music: Relief Society, Primary (and its various stages, as there are some songs particular to certain stages), Young Women's, Young Men's, the various priesthood quorums, mutual/MIA, EFY, and so forth. Be sure to add them to the terms category.
  • People to host contests, for hymn-writing and such.
  • We need people to watch Ebay for hymnals (lesser-known ones) that aren't listed on HymnWiki; these are nice because you can get names and dates (and even pictures) of them as evidence that they exist.
  • Translators (I have lots of foreign hymnals, and would like to get translations of songs I notate from them; I especially would like translators from Swedish and German to English. You don't have to versify them unless you feel like it; versification can come later. Veramet 21:14, 16 July 2007 (MDT); also, translating English songs into other languages would be great, especially if versified.)

Help Promote HymnWiki

We want the following:

  • HymnWiki banners and logos for other sites to use (even one of either would be nice); it would be especially nice if they were released to the public domain (or at least for free use, for everyone).
  • People to tell others about HymnWiki.
  • People to publish articles about HymnWiki.
  • People to link to HymnWiki from their websites.
  • Submission of articles to search engines (especially if they have sheet music and lyrics), and especially if the songs are lesser-known.
  • Lists of the most popular hymns of each denomination and country/region. (Getting articles up for these would be nice, particularly with sheet music, as they could be linked from all sorts of places, and bring more traffic to the site.)
  • Suggestions on how to make the site more useful and/or appealing.

User Requests