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About HymnWiki

Ever browsed a hymn site and wished you could update or add to it yourself? Or, have you ever wanted to publish your own hymns online, for free use? If so, HymnWiki is just the place for you. HymnWiki is a wiki for hymns: lyrics and tunes (not just one or the other). HymnWiki is a non-profit website that began in April of 2007. It is hosted by the More Good Foundation.

The primary purpose of HymnWiki is to make sheet music and information available to the public about hymns, hymn compilations, religious compilations of sheet music or hymn-like poetry, anthems, children's songs (the sort included in religious compilations), patriotic songs, motivational hymn-type songs, and some traditional music (as traditional tunes are often associated with hymns; these should only have pages if they relate to hymns somehow). Yes, the primary focus is on sheet music and essential facts (such as hymnists, dates, licenses, etc.) than other encyclopedic-style information (biographies, histories), although such are certainly welcome.

The posting of hymns of all faiths is encouraged (note that many hymns work for most faiths), notwithstanding there is a large focus on Latter-day Saint hymns (see below).


  • Currently, users must be on the approved list in order to edit. This is a temporary situation. Hopefully it will change, soon.


  • There is new wiki software in progress designed specifically for HymnWiki. This should improve things considerably (especially ease of data entry). The release date is not yet announced. This software may accompany or replace the current MediaWiki setup, but will probably be the main vehicle for new articles.


(Where it says hymns, this also applies to other church/religious music and church-related music.)

  • Have articles posted for all public domain hymns and hymn tunes: these articles are to contain sheet music, sound files and information about the hymnists and the works where possible—all information should have a source provided.
  • Provide useful and accurate sources for (and for information about) sheet music, lyrics, composers, lyricists, compilers, translators, etc.
  • List all applicable copyright and licensing information.
  • Promote the writing of new hymns (you can upload your own here); contests are planned
  • Categorize and create articles for the hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (AKA the Mormon church) and make the public domain ones available—especially the old hymns that are no longer in use.
  • Have what information is legal posted up about hymns and hymn tunes that are not public domain.