What Wondrous Things We Now Behold

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Europe, 1840

Hymn 193
1. What wondrous things we now behold,
Which were declared from days of old,
By prophets, who in visions clear,
Beheld these glories from afar.

2. The visions which Almighty God,
Confirmed by his unchanging word.
That to the ages then unborn,
His greatest work he would perform.

3. The second time he'd set his hand,
To gather Israel to their land,
Fulfil the covenants he had made,
And pour his blessings on their head.

4. When Moab's remnant, long oppressed,
Shall gathered be, and greatly blest;
And Ammon's children, scattered wide,
Return with joy, in peace abide.

5. While Elam's race, a feeble band,
Receive a share in the blest land,
And Gentiles all their power display
To hasten on the glorious day.

6. Then Ephraim's sons, a warlike race,
Shall haste in peace and see their rest,
And earth's remotest parts abound,
With joys of everlasting sound.

7. Assyria's captives, long since lost,
In splendour come, a numerous host;
Egyptia's waters, filled with fear,
Their power feel and disappear.

8. Yes, Abraham's children now shall be
Like sands in number by the sea;
While kindreds, tongues, and nations all,
Combine to make their numbers full.

9. The dawning of that day has come,
See! Abraham's sons are gath'ring home,
And daughters too, with joyful lays,
Are hastening here to join in praise!

10. O God, our Father and our King,
Prepare our voices and our theme:
Let all our powers of mind combine,
To sing thy praise in songs divine.