Welcome, Welcome, Dear Redeemer

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Alternate Names

  • The Surrender
  • Welcome, Dear Redeemer
  • Welcome, Welcome, Dear Redeemer!
  • Welcome! Welcome! Dear Redeemer

Sheet Music



Lyrics from The Garner: Songs and Hymns for Sunday Schools, Prayer Meetings, Temperance, and Gospel Meetings, 1878 (no. 108)

1. Welcome, welcome, dear Redeemer,
Welcome to this heart of mine;
Lord, I make a full surrender,
Every power and thought be thine;
Thine entirely,
Through eternal ages thine.

2. Known to all to be thy mansion,
Earth and hell will disappear;
Or in vain attempt possession,
When they find the Lord is near;
Shout, O Zion!
Shout, yet saints! the Lord is here.

Lyrics from Revival Melodies, or Songs of Zion, 1842 (no. 37)

Welcome, Dear Redeemer!

1. Welcome, welcome, dear Redeemer,
Welcome to this heart of mine!
Lord, I make a full surrender;
Ev'ry pow'r and thought be thine,
Thine forever!
Thine, O Lord, forever thine.

2. Sin, and all its dread oppression,
From my soul shall disappear!
Doubt shall not obtain possession,
For thy truth is ever near.
I will praise thee!
Lord, I feel thy blessing here!

Lyrics from The Sunday School Hymnal, 1878 (no. 6)

1. Welcome, welcome, dear Redeemer!
Welcome to this heart of mine;
Be Thou mine, and mine forever,
And my soul forever Thine—
Thine, O Saviour—Thine forever,
Be this ransomed heart of mine.

2. Welcome, welcome, dear Redeemer!
Welcome to this heart of mine;
Be Thy life, my light and glory,
Light Thy light within me shine—
Light of heaven—Kindly given,
Shine within my bosom, shine.

3. Welcome, welcome, dear Redeemer!
Welcome to this heart of mine;
Take, Oh! take me, Lord! forever,
Thine I am and only Thine;
Jesus! never,—shall we sever,—
I am Thine, and Thou art mine.


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