Waked from My Bed of Slumber Sweet

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Europe, 1840

Hymn 204
1. Waked from my bed of slumber sweet,
Refreshed in body and in mind,
The morning light with joy I greet,
And offer up a song divine.

2. Thy praise, O God, shall be my theme;
While day and night their course pursue,
Till time shall end its transient dream -
Eternity the theme renew.

3. Thy mercy has preserved my soul
Through toils and dangers, griefs and fears,
And still upon this earthly ball
Thou length'nest out my days and years.

4. O! grant me, then, thy Spirit's power
To guide my feet in ways of peace;
Preserve me thine each day and hour;
Till from a world of sin released.

5. Then, when my mortal life is closed,
Eternal glory mine shall be;
And all arrayed in spotless white,
I shall the King of Glory see.