There Is a Land the Lord Will Bless

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1845

Hymn 77
1. There is a land the Lord will bless,
Where all the saints shall come;
There is a day for righteousness,
When Israel gathers home.

2. Before the word goes forth - Destroy!
And all the wicked burn,
With songs of everlasting joy,
The pure in heart return.

3. Their fields along Missouri's flood,
Are in perspective seen,
As unto Israel "Canaan stood,
While Jordon flowed between."

4. Though wicked men and Satan strive,
To keep them from the land,
And from their homes the saints they drive,
To try the Lord's command:

5. There all the springs of God will be
And there an end of strife;
And there the righteous rising free,
Shall have eternal life.

6. There shall the will of God be done,
And saints and angels greet;
And there, when all in Christ is one,
The best from worlds shall meet.

7. There in the resurrection morn,
The living live again,
And all the children will be born
Without the sting of sin.

8. How long, our Father, O how long
Shall that pure time delay?
Come on, come on, ye holy throng,
And bring the glorious day.