The Glorious Plan, Which God Has Given

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Europe, 1840

Hymn 254
1. The glorious plan, which God has given,
To bring a ruined world to heaven,
Was framed in Christ by the new birth,
Was sealed in heaven, was sealed on earth.

2. As in heavens they all agree,
The record's given there by Three,
On earth three witnesses are given,
To lead the sons of earth to heaven.

3. Jehovah, God the Father, 's one;
Another, God's eternal Son;
The Spirit does with them agree -
The witnesses in heaven are three.

4. Nor are we, in the second birth,
Left without witnesses on earth,
To grope, as in eternal night,
About the way to endless light.

5. Buried beneath the liquid wave,
To know the Spirit's power to save,
And feel the virtue of his blood,
Are witnesses ordained of God.

6. In heaven they all agree in One,
The Father, Spirit, and the Son:
On earth these witnesses agree,
The water, blood, and Spirit, three.

7. One great connecting link is given
Between the sons of earth and heaven:
The Spirit seals us here on earth,
In heaven records our second birth.

8. If we, on earth, possess those three,
Mysterious saving unity,
The Book of Life will record bear,
Our names are surely written there.