Sing, Hosanna! Sing His Fame

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This is the first full hymn text written (at least which still exists) written by Mark Hamilton Dewey. This hymn was written solely with the topic of worship in mind, although other topics came out of that.


This hymn has yet to be associated with any particular tunes, although the author used Toplady, Testimony (Griggs) and Rose Ann as models for flow while writing it. The author may add a new tune to it at a later date.


The seventh verse briefly summarizes the first six verses.

  • Poet: Mark Hamilton Dewey (b. 1980), 2007
  • Date of Completion: 2 Oct 2007 (the writing began on 30 Sep 2007, completing the first five verses, before editing, on that day).
  • Copyright: Released to the public domain by the author/submitter on 2 Oct 2007. Veramet 19:39, 2 October 2007 (MDT)

Lyrics Posted by the Hymnist

1. Sing, Hosanna! Sing His fame.
Sing the wonders of His name.
Sing to earth's remotest bounds;
Sing of Heav'n—and Earth, Resound.
Sing aloud forevermore;
Sing, beyond the land and shore.

2. Give our Savior all his due:
Harvest, corn and labor too.
Own that I would come to find
I had loved and not repined.
Patience I would have in rest,
And not idle in the breast.

3. Serve in the most pleasing ways:
Serve till all the world obeys
God's commands full willingly:
Labors of eternity.
Serve till one cannot assess,
All your feats of righteousness.

4. Open your free eyes to grace—
Open, all of Adam's race
To the Lamb of ages known,
Who ere long shall be your own.
So renounce the sins ye chose:
Leave off all—abandon woes.

5. Praise the God of truth and love;
Praise Him for His wondrous love;
Praise Him and He shall incline
His grand ear to your design.
Praise Him with a chorus sweet;
Praise Him e'en with joyous feet.

6. Search the words of God each day,
Search and then His will obey.
Listen as you ponder more—
Linger on the ancient lore;
Find within it treasures bold,
And the hand of God untold!

7. Sing with all the world above.
Give Him your most holy love.
Serve Him on a neighb'ring street.
Open to your friends a treat.
Praise abroad in worship true.
Search within, divinely new.