Praise Ye the Lord, in Latter Days

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1845

Hymn 84
1. Praise ye the Lord, in latter days;
Ye loving saints of his;
And sing of all his wondrous ways,
In joyous days like these.

2. For he has now the silence broke,
Of near two thousand years;
And from the heavens he has spoke,
Addressed to mortal ears.

3. The time is nigh, the time foretold;
When Israel's God would come;
And as he said in time of old,
To gather Israel home.

4. His kingdom he has set up now,
That's ne'er to be destroyed;
Go ye into the kingdom, go,
And worship there your Lord.

5. With all the saints of latter days,
His spirit you may have;
It guides the just in wisdom's ways,
The pure in heart 't will save.

6. Then let us praise, rejoice and sing,
For blessings large and free;
And unto Zion's glorious King,
Eternal praises be.