On the Resurrection Morning

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Sheet Music

Version from Hymns for Christian Worship, 1909 (no. 380)



Lyrics from Hymns for Christian Worship, 1909 (no. 380)

1. On the resurrection morning,
Soul and body meet again;
No more sorrow, no more weeping,
No more pain!

2. Here awhile they must be parted,
And the flesh its sabbath keep,
Waiting in a holy stillness,
Wrapt in sleep.

3. For a space the tired body
Lies with feet toward the dawn,
Till there breaks the last and brightest
Easter morn.

4. But the soul in contemplation
Utters earnest prayer and strong;
Breaking at the resurrection
Into song.

5. Soul and body reunited,
Thenceforth nothing shall divide,
Waking up in Christ's own likeness,

6. O the beauty, O the gladness
Of that resurrection-day!
Which shall not, through endless ages,
Pass away!

7. On that happy Easter morning
All the graves their dead restore;
Father, sister, child and mother,
Meet once more.

8. To that brightest of all meetings
Bring us, Jesus Christ, at last,
To thy cross, thro' death and judgment,
Holding fast.