On the Mountain's Top Appearing

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1841

Hymn 154
8 7 8 7 4 7
1. On the mountain's top appearing,
Lo! the sacred herald stands!
Welcome news to Zion bearing,
Zion long in hostile lands.
Mourning captive!
God himself shall loose thy bands.

2. Lo! thy sun is risen in glory!
God himself appears thy fiend;
All thy foes shall flee before thee;
Here their boasted triumphs end:
Great deliverance
Zion's King vouchsafes to send.

3. Enemies no more shall trouble;
All thy wrongs shall be redressed;
For thy shame thou shalt have double,
In thy Maker's favor blest;
All thy conflicts
End in an eternal rest.