O Jesus, When I Think of Thee

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Lyrics from The Church Hymnary: A Collection of Hymns and Tunes for Public Worship, 1900 (p. 108; no. 220)

1. O Jesus, when I think of Thee,
Thy manger, cross, and throne,
My spirit trusts exultingly
In Thee, and Thee alone.

2. I see Thee in Thy weakness first;
Then, glorious from Thy shame,
I see Thee death's strong fetters burst,
And reach heav'ns mightiest name.

3. For me Thou didst become a man,
For me didst weep and die;
For me achieve Thy wondrous plan,
For me ascend on high.

4. O let me share Thy holy birth,
Thy faith, Thy death to sin!
And, strong amidst the toils of earth,
My heav'nly life begin.

5. Then shall I know what means the strain
Triumphant of Saint Paul:
“To live is Christ, to die is gain;”
“Christ is my all in all.”