O Happy Home! O Blest Abode

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Sheet Music

Tune from Relief Society Song Book, 1919, no. 78



Lyrics from Relief Society Song Book, 1919, no. 78

1. O happy home!
O blest abode!
Where saints communion hold with God,
Without a doubt or fear;
When shall I reach thy fertile plains,
Ascend the mount where virtue gains
A more exalted sphere?
A more exalted sphere?

2. In Babylon I loathe to stay;
Dire are the evils day by day
Within her precincts dark.
Truth’s brighter rays expose the night,
Each honest mind receives the light,
And presses to the mark,
And presses to the mark.

3. No love but heav’n’s would I receive—
No other doctrines e’er believe,
Than those by Jesus taught.
I’d trace the path His footsteps trod,
The only way that leads to God;
All other ways are naught,
All other ways are naught.