O God, Thou Great, Thou Good, Thou Wise

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1841

Hymn 177
Part First.
1. O God, thou great, thou good, thou wise,
Eternal is thy name;
Thy power hath reared the lofty skies
And built creation's frame.

2. The universe thy praise declares;
Through all its vast design,
Thy glorious handy work appears,
Thy pow'r and wisdom shine.

3. And ere creation had its birth,
Thou didst devise a plan,
Amidst thy glorious works on earth
To form thy creature man.

4. Thou mad'st him monarch of the world,
And did his kindred own,
Until by sin, down he was hurled,
And forfeited his throne.

5. Then Satan seized the power of state,
And did his sceptre sway;
Brought down the strong, the wise, the great,
To mingle with the clay.

6. Thus did the foe his malice glut.
And all the world enslave,
Thy spirit in the prison shut,
The body in the grave.

Part Second.

1. But hark! and hear the joyful sound,
How grateful to the ear,
A ransom for the lost is found,
A Savior doth appear.

2. He meets Appolyn, lays him low,
In every deadly strife,
Becomes victorious o'er his foe,
And reigns the Prince of Life.

3. The pow'r of death and hell he breaks
His power and love to show,
The prison doors asunder breaks,
And lets the captives go.

4. Then for this cause our body bends,
Beneath the liquid wave,
In favor of our kindred friends,
Who slumber in the grave.

5. That through the law the Prince doth give
All who obedient prove
Together on the earth may live,
When all is peace and love.

6. Thus, then the dead we do baptize,
That when Christ comes again,
All Zion from beneath may rise,
And in his kingdom reign.

7. Then saints below, and saints above,
And saints on earth agree,
To praise, in unison and love
Our God, eternally.