Louisa Henrietta

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  • 1627-1667

Other Information

The following is quoted about Louisa Henrietta from Hymn Treasures, 1905 p. 118:
'The first woman hymn-writer appeared during the Protestant Reformation. She was Louisa Henrietta, wife of the Great Elector, Frederick William, of Brandenburg. Her hymn is on the "Resurrection of the Just." For strength of faith it is worthy to be compared to Luther's hymns. Here are selections:

"Jesus, my eternal Trust
And my Savior, ever liveth:
This I know; and deep and just
Is the peace this knowledge giveth:
Though death's lingering night may start
Many a question in my heart.

What is weak and maimed below,
There shall be made strong and free:
Earthly is the seed we sow
Heavenly shall the harvest be:
Nature here and sin; but there
Spiritual all, and fair.

Only raise your souls above
Pleasures in which earth delighteth;
Give your souls to Him in love,
To whom death so soon uniteth;
Thither oft in spirit flee
Where ye would forever be."'

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