Let the Holy Spirit Guide (Edwin F. Parry)

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Tune: (Unknown name), by Edwin F. Parry (1850 - 1935)


1. Let the Holy Spirit's promptings
Be your daily, constant guide;
Let its peaceful, heav'nly power
Ever in your heart abide.
It will lead in duty's pathway,
And will never let you stray;
It will keep you from all danger,
And from ev'ry evil way.

2. Let the Holy Spirit guard you
In each act, and word and thought;
Never make a single effort
Till the Spirit's aid you've sought.
Cherish it as your companion;
Heed its sweet and still small voice;
Ever listen to its dictates,
Then through life you will rejoice.

3. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit,
Or it will not with you stay;
But that it may dwell within you
To your heav'nly Father pray.
Ask in faith and He will answer,
And will bless you from above;
He will send His Holy Spirit,
Which will fill your soul with love.