Let Us All Be Good and Kind

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Lyrics from Deseret Sunday School Songs, 1909

1. Let us all be good and kind,
Honest and true;
And the path of duty mind
And keep in view;
Never heed the world's foul sin,
Never take a part therein;
Seek eternal lives to win;
This we should do.

2. Let us seek unto the Lord,
Without delay;
Seek Him now with one accord,
While yet we may;
Seek to learn His holy will,
All our duties to fulfil,
Never yield a point until
We gain the day.

3. In these precious youthful days
Let us begin
E'er to shun all evil ways,
That lead to sin;
Speak the truth in all you say,
Never, never go astray
From the straight and narrow way,
But walk therein,

4. If our days are spent on earth
Unto the Lord,
God will surely bring us forth
To our reward,
In the mansions far above,
In a land of light and love,
Where all things in order move,
For us prepared.