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Leland Bryant Ross, born March 29, 1954, in Seattle, Washington, USA, is a hymn writer and translator, particularly from English into Esperanto. A liberal Baptist by upbringing and conviction, he is a member of Seattle's Fremont Baptist Church, and of the International League of Christian Esperantists (KELI). Mr. Ross often goes by the name Ros' Haruo, Haruo being the given name here, and it is as Haruo that he most often met on electronic forums, including here at Hymnwiki.org: Haruo. He is the owner/editor of TTT-Himnaro Cigneta, the largest online collection of hymns in Esperanto, and fourteen of his works (11 translations and 3 original texts) are included in the 2001 ecumenical Esperanto hymnal and service book, Adoru.

Lyrics by Leland Bryant Ross

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Lyrics translated by Leland Bryant Ross

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