Land of Love

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Sheet Music

From Shaker Music: Original Inspirational Hymns and Songs, 1884 (p. 46)[1]



Lyrics from Shaker Music: Original Inspirational Hymns and Songs, 1884 (p. 46)

1. Veil not from us, Holy Spirit,
Beauties that are ever rife,
In our future home of glory,
Land of love and endless life.
Lift the curtain from our vision,
Fan the mists that dim our eyes;
We would scan the inner heavens
And from earthliness arise.

2. We would take the wings of morning,
And explore the mountain's height;
Or descend in pleasant valleys,
Seeking treasures free from blight;
In a blessed sweet communion
With the loved ones gone before,
We would clasp them nearer to us,
Range with them the heav'nly shore.

3. But we'll bide our time in patience,
And improve each moment well;
In a life of consecration
We will labor to excel.
Forming here a joyous heaven,
By creating one within;
And a home of love and beauty,
Free from discord, strife and sin.

4. Then abide, O blessed spirit!
Purify us unto Thee,
That a tow'r of strength and glory,
To the nations we may be;
And our earthly home foreshadow
Our eternal home above;
Dwelling place of truth and goodness,
Paradise of heav'nly love.