James Lucas

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  • 1762–1800 (this is based on the evidence below)
    • One source says he lived from 1762 to 1800 (of England)[1], and another source verifies that he was born at this date[2], while later Latter-day Saint sources say he was born in 1726[3][4] and list no death date. Some sources cite 1805[5] and 1820[6][7] as dates of importance to him, somehow (they do not say what these dates are for).
    • A particularly interesting LDS source says the following: “The tune was composed by James Lucas, of whom little is known except that he lived in England in 1726 and composed the tune called "Lucas" in 1805.”[8] There is doubt as to the accuracy of this statement, just as with the other information mentioned (he couldn't have written the song five years after his death; perhaps it was just first published in 1805).


  • Watch Night[9]
    • This may be the same tune below, as it was used with Come, Let Us Anew, although it could be a different tune and perhaps the reason the tune Lucas is thought to be composed by him.
  • Lucas
    • Modern sources generally say this tune is attributed to him, and not definitely his. Loads of old hymnals list him as being the composer, however, without additional notes.
  • Swanwick
    • It should be noted here that one source says a John Lucas wrote a tune called Swanick[10] (not Swanwick), which may or may not be the same tune.