In Jordan's Tide the Prophet Stands

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Lyrics from A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Europe, 1840

Hymn 149
1. In Jordan's tide the prophet stands,
Immersing the repenting Jews;
The Son of God the right demands,
Nor dares the holy man refuse:
Jesus descends beneath the wave,
The emblem of his future grave.

2. Wonder, ye heavens! your Maker lies
In deeps concealed from human view;
Ye men behold him sink and rise,
A fit example this for you.
The Sacred record, while you read
Calls you to imitate the deed.

3. But lo! from yonder opening skies,
What beams of dazzling glory spread!
Dove-like the Eternal Spirit flies,
And lights on the Redeemer's head:
Amazed they see the power divine
Around the Saviour's temples shine.

4. But hark, my soul, hark and adore!
What sounds are those that roll along,
Not like loud Sinai's awful roar,
But soft and sweet as Gabriel's song!
"This is my well-beloved Son;
I see, well pleased what he hath done."

5. Thus the eternal Father spoke,
Who shakes creation with a node;
Through parting skies the accents broke,
And bid us hear the Son of God:
O hear the gospel word to-day,
Hear, all ye nations, and obey.