Hvit som snö

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Sheet music

Using tune from Jubelklangen, 1896, no. 52

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  • Note: changed the first note of the bass part on the second system from a g to an f. Here's a MIDI and PDF of the original for comparison.
  • Copyright: public domain
  • Contributor: Veramet 21:54, 20 August 2010 (MDT)



  • Poet: A.G.L.
    • My best guess is that A.G.L. is Anna G. Lambert (since I haven't found any other hymnists with those initials), but I really don't know. Veramet 23:16, 21 August 2010 (MDT)
  • Copyright: public domain

Lyrics from Jubelklangen, 1896, no. 52

1. Två mig hvitare än snö,
Rena mig uti ditt blod.
Lär mig från det onda dö,
Dyre Jesus, herde god.

Hvit som snö, hvit som snö;
Två mig hvitare än snö.

2. Jag är oren i mig sjelf,
Född i synd som hvar och en.
Två mig ren i lifvets elf,
Fostra mig för himmelen.

3. Skära mig med isop väl
Och förlåt mig all min skuld
Helga ande, kropp och själ,
O min frälsare så huld.

Unversified translations

English translation

1. Wash me whiter than snow,
Purify me in thy blood.
Teach me [such that I will be away] from this evil death,
Dear Jesus, shepherd God.

White as snow, white as snow;
Wash me whiter than snow.

2. I am unclean in myself,
Born in sin as everyone.
Wash me clean in the river of life,
Educate me for heaven.

3. Purge me well with hyssop
and forgive me all my debt
Holy Spirit, body and soul,
O my Savior so fair.